Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to remove security screw

Security screws acquire their name for the reason that they are genuinely very tough to remove. The core usages of these tools are to prevent vandalism and theft. Security fastener, which is also identified as a one-way screw is designed in such a way that it requires a special kind of tool for removal. You cannot remove it with an ordinary screwdriver. If you really want to learn the procedure of removing it then follow the guidelines from below.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Spin the security fastener clockwise with locking pliers and keep doing it until it comes out.

  • If you do not get enough grips then you can file the opposite edges of the screw's head carry the same process for removal. That is it!

Security Screws come in many varieties. With so much choice, trying to choose the right one for the job you are doing can often present many difficulties. A security screw that include defense that is tough to mess with, a security screw is the very first thing you think of. They normally are attached to items that call for supplementary defense not commonly supplied by regular screws.

Tamper proof screws are security screws that are can be screwed or unscrewed using specific tools manufactured to match the design of the head. These are design specific and can be customized also as per requirement.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Security screws and its usages

Security screws are the type of screws requires special tools to remove it. A regular screwdriver will not be able to remove a security screw. This type of fastener is typically used in public rest rooms, classrooms etc to avoid threats. 

Screws have the simplest mechanism. They are a piece of metal that have an incised thread and slotted head. They are inserted into a hole which runs through both objects to be bonded and are tightened by simply turning the head.

This type of screws is designed in such a way that it requires sophisticated tools for installation and removal. Thus, it provides high-level protection against robbery and vandalism. You can use it in different fields. For instance – you can use it on your doors or windows to gain more home or office security.